Bindi Kaye Pinot Noir – planted in 2001

Bindi Kaye Pinot Noir
Bindi Kaye Pinot Noir
Bindi Pinot Noir

This special single vineyard (Block K) bottling is dedicated to Kaye Dhillon (1938-1985) and comes from two select parcels (from within the Block K vineyard) from our most elevated Bindi planting established in 2001.  One Block K parcel of 115 clone Pinot Noir runs directly alongside Block 5 and the other parcel comes from the very top Block K rows of the MV6 clone Pinot Noir.

This vineyard sits just below the end of the Mount Gisborne lava flow and is underpinned by ancient Ordovician period soils incorporating mudstone, sandstone, much quartz rock and clay with a covering of varying amounts of much younger, fine volcanic top soil.

The selection for KAYE is limited to the best vats from the specific soil profiles and is generally between 70 and 150 dozen, vintage dependent.  These vines are managed in the usual Bindi way without herbicides or pesticides and utilise undervine cultivation and extremely rigorous hand canopy management from pruning to harvest.

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