Winter pruning is upon us…

The task of winter pruning is upon us and forecasts of hail and snow are giving cause for digging deep into the winter clothing. Thermals are a must. The last of the 2013s are bottled and we will have news of these wines late in July. Suffice to say that despite the crop being 30% down on ideal yields the quality is exceptionally fine and as the wines settle post bottling they are beginning to sing their sweet tunes once more. The upsetting shortfall in 2013 is given context by the horrendous flowering experienced for the 2014 crop which has seen a reduction in yield in the order of 65%. As Bindi’s dad would say, Crikey!
Things move on, regardless. The peas and oats established in the new vineyard sites we are preparing are growing well and will form an enriching ‘green manure’ in the Springtime before we begin our planting. An interesting observation; we planted in 1988 and more in 2001 and will again in 2014. Thirteen year gaps. Nothing unlucky there (maybe the tiny addition in 1992 with Block 5 broke that hoodoo?). The new sites being prepared are all on the same contour as Block 5 and will have a diverse mix of high quality clones planted at very high density (11,500 vines per hectare). Exciting.

Until release time in late July………….