Bindi Darshan Pinot Noir – planted in 2014

The Darshan vineyard is a tribute to Bindi founder Bill Darshan Singh Dhillon, who passed in early 2013. The vineyard preparations began a few months afterwards with planting taking place in 2014. Darshan faces west on quartz riddled soils similar to the Original Vineyard and is planted at 11,300 vines per hectare with 20% of the vines being a Crazy section at 22,600 vines per hectare featuring four clones. Over the first seven vintages, to 2023, we have seen this site produce ethereal wine showing exquisite perfume and spice with a lacey, sinewy, flowing long palate. Darshan , like Original Vineyard, is about perfume and finesse whereas Block 8 and Block 5 share fruit depth and structure in common.

The wine spends 15-17 months in French barrels of which about 35% are new. From 2017 onwards we are seeing the wines age gracefully and build earth, texture and intriguing beauty.

Production typically varies from 100-150 dozen per vintage.

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