September 2019

September is always an exciting month at Bindi. The vineyard comes to life, as does the flora and fauna around the property as the birds’ chorus builds and the wildflowers colour the bush and grass lands. It is also the month we release the final set of the previous vintage wines. There is a lovely loop as the last of the 2018s are released, the 2019s rest in barrel and the 2020 season bursts from the canes as buds then shoots.

The 2018 season has produced beautifully balanced and expressive wines. This fine season was neither cool nor hot and the balance in the weather and vines is evident in the charm and beauty of the wines. All the 2018s have a long life ahead of them yet will drink beautifully as they age due to their harmony. The 2019s are a different story, all bright and brash and charged with vintage and vineyard character as they slowly gain finesse and beauty. What will be the outcome for 2020? We have the vision, the usual fastidious processes will be followed and refined and then, in the autumn, we shall see!

High Density Vineyards

Darshan; this high density Pinot Noir vineyard, dedicated to “‘Bill” Darshan Singh Dhillon, planted to 11,300 vines per hectare, grew exceptionally well and produced its third beautiful crop in 2019.  This one acre (0.4 ha.) vineyard has always been run without herbicide or pesticide. The continued use this season of our narrow German Niko tractor (68cm wide!), configured to cultivate under vine and to spray three complete rows at once, has been exciting. The quality of this wine has stepped up significantly each harvest.

Block 8; three seasons ago we planted another high density Pinot Noir vineyard (1.888 acres with 8,888 vines and the eighth block established at Bindi (established 1988)) and it is a continuation around the slope from Block 5. We now have the first wine in barrel and it is looking exceptionally promising. These two new wines are taking our purity and depth ‘next level’.

Towards the end of 2022 we shall begin to offer these wines after we have made six wines from Darshan and four from Block 8. It shall be ten years from surveying and working the soil to the first release.