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Weather; Maker and Breaker. 

From start to finish, from September to April, the season gives a long ride. Sometimes exhilarating, continually challenging, occasionally debilitating and always, always, satisfying. For whatever the outcome of quality and yield the season must ultimately be viewed positively and the journey itself as a fulfilment. There are gifts to be given and there are […]

Bindi news

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]To follow some Bindi news please see @bindiwines on Instagram. The season is now well underway and has required quite a deal of patience.  The Spring is nearly over yet we have hardly had a warm day and the vines are running a course of lateness that will perhaps see harvest in mid April.  No […]

USA Trip 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Warning: No photos, just words.  Quite a few. There’s a lane way that looks a likely place for a mugger or rough sleeper to inhabit.  Seemingly a street to nowhere good.  It just so happens to house the hottest restaurant in Chicago right now.  Don’t bother looking for illuminated signage, there is none.  Walk though a […]

15/16 season

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=”” full_width_content=”” bg_color=”” bg_position=”tl” bg_repeat=”no-repeat” bg_cover=”” parallax_type=”tb” parallax_speed=”1″ padding=”” side_padding=”” margin_bottom=”” css_animation=”” bg_video_mp4=”” bg_video_ogv=”” bg_video_webm=”” bg_video_overlay=”” bg_video_position=”top” bg_video_parallax=”none”][vc_column width=”1/1″ a13_fa_icon=”” icon_position=”left”][vc_column_text] The season of 2015-16 is the season of early.  Early Flowering, early fruit set, early veraison and, of course, early harvest.  All early by the calendar, but the whole season seemed […]

December 2015

The season that is ahead of it’s time shows no signs of abating.  We now have January weather, yet we are still to pass GO and still yet to collect our $200 (Christmas and associated presents).  A strange season yet sensical in some way seeing Easter is very early in 2016 (end March).  The harvest […]

Spring Break

The 2015-16 season has commenced and what an unusual beginning it has been.  From the coldest, harshest winter in 20 years with just enough rain to achieve good soil moisture we have jumped straight into an exceptionally warm, dry Spring.  Sadly, the promising rains of mid winter have seized up and things are drying out […]

Bindi Harvest No. 25

Bindi Harvest No. 25. The crop is in, long live the crop! In fact, the crop is now a crop no longer but rather has been transformed, by the miracle of native yeast fermentation, into beautiful wine. The 2015 harvest has one similarity to 2014 (stunning wine quality) however there the comparisons end. Where 2014 […]

The only sense of extreme experienced at this point the 2014/15 growing season is that it has been extremely mild.

The only sense of extreme experienced at this point the 2014/15 growing season is that it has been extremely mild.  Which in some ways makes it seem odd that harvest across Victoria is running very early however the whole season has tracked that way and, in fact, the lack of extreme heat has seen the […]

How quickly we move from the grey short cold days of winter dormancy…

How quickly we move from the grey short cold days of winter dormancy (for vine, not custodian) to the green lengthening warm days of spring.  From the bud burst of mid September to the elongating shoots of October it is our most frantic time in the vineyard.  Mowing, cultivating under vine, applying sulphur, fish and seaweed […]

Winter pruning is upon us…

The task of winter pruning is upon us and forecasts of hail and snow are giving cause for digging deep into the winter clothing. Thermals are a must. The last of the 2013s are bottled and we will have news of these wines late in July. Suffice to say that despite the crop being 30% […]

Frost. Hail. Cold. Dry. Hot. Fire.

Frost. Hail. Cold. Dry. Hot. Fire. Dear me. The romanticism of grape growing and wine making is being tested continually at every stage of this gruelling season. Yes, of course, we are well versed in the various ways the weather can affect the crop quality and quantity and we are always prepared for some of […]

New Bottlings

After a winter that gifted us 14 frosts, plenty of rain and some biting, blustery weather we have broken through into an early Spring break. Whilst the drenching of warmth and the invitation to the birds to bring us musical cheer is lovely the less pleasing aspect is the vines’ buds pushing early and possibly […]